This is a volunteer-run guide that will help you set up a tablet for an elder isolated by COVID.

No need to teach the senior how to use any technology. This guide will show you how to configure a tablet to automatically pick up when you initiate a video-call over Skype or Facetime.

No WiFi required. This guide will help you buy a tablet from your wireless carrier that connects to the internet over the cellular network.

When you've finished preparing the tablet, you can mail it to the elder, and all they have to do is turn it on and plug in the charger.

If you have any trouble, you can reach out to our volunteer tech support for help.

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How it looks in action:

My grandmother is in a senior facility and has mild dementia. I can't visit with her, so being able to get her this tablet and video with her has been incredible for us both.

I followed your instructions and got a tablet and data plan set up for my 83 year old grandma. She has used it for the past 3 months without a hitch and has not had to even touch the tablet during the entire time! Thanks again.

We set it up for my immuno-compromised 80-yr old mother in law who is feeling extremely isolated. She cried. She’s talked to several family members now today and got tours of gardens and great grandkids projects.

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